Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Episode 6. Blessed Reception

I know I lagged on this one for a short while, but there is much to be said about the quality of the cast, that just wouldn't be possible if we rushed these out. But, nevertheless, this episode is loaded with great music! We will be trying to produce a new episode by christmas, but things can happen between 2 jobs and having a life. Thanks to all the dedicated listeners, we do this for you. -Crayola

Episode List.

set 1

  • Song For Her (Audiojack's Dub for Ra)
  • Flying_Lotus-Between_Friends_ft._Earl_Sweatshirt_and_Captain_Murphy
  • Kendrick Lamar Westside Right on Time ft. Young Jeezy
  • Don't Look Down (feat. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco & Big Sean
  • Charli XCX-Moments in Love

set 2
  • captain murphy- immaculation
  • the chromatics- cherry
  • The kickdrums x Dee Goodz-Higher
  • kendrick and dre. the recipe

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nyte Jewel's cover of Michael Jackson's PYT

I have heard some shitty covers in my day, but it seems today I was spared. Nyte Jewel does a great job covering Michael Jackson's Pretty Young Thing. I woke up today drunk, and had a headache all day, this is the first good thing I have experienced today. So give it a listen, if you like it, then you can download yourself a copy and take it with you, so enjoy. ^_^

Monday, November 26, 2012


The mystery rapper known only as, Captain Murphy has been releasing tracks over the past few months. Those of you who are avid Adult Swim viewer, then you would recognize Captain Hazel “Hank” Murphy as incompetent captain from the show Sealab 2021.

Much speculation has risen as to the identity of said rapper, Captain murphy. Some say it could be Flying Lotus, Tyler the Creator, Left Brain, or Earl Sweatshirt. Whoever Captain Murphy is, he can at least keep his word. As promised in a Tweet, Captain Murphy has released a Visual mixtape titled, Duality. The film has an intentional grainy, older feel to it, but if your a fan of what Captain murphy has been releasing in recent events you are really in for a treat with this Film. Click the link down below and enjoy :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Episode 5. Fifth Date Freak

       After a brief hiatus we are back folks! Episode 5 of Auditory Reality is here! This episode we stray from the usual genre specific type episodes, and just have a little fun. Again I apologize for the long lag from the last episode. So sit back turn up your stereo, computer speakers, headphones, whateva!!! Enjoy yourself, stay awhile. -Crayola

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Muse: Flying Lotus.

So Flying lotus will be releasing his newest album "Until The Quiet Comes" October 1st in the US and the 2nd Everywhere else. He recently made a short film that uses I think a few of his songs (from the new album) meshed together. I first seen it a few weeks ago and now I play it at least once a day, it creates an overwhelming feeling that takes you to a euphoric state of being, it also makes you think of what he is trying to express through the cinematography. Well enough of me rambling, so just watch the clip and I know you'll enjoy it.
               -Honest Abe-

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Remixes

            Unless you have lived under a rock for the past 18 years most of us can acknowledge Tekken, being one of the first 3d fighting games. Being one of the most technical fighters out there; it stems from the music that keeps us focused during those tight clinches. It is the music that keeps you in that trance as you punch in those ten hit camob's and bound juggles.
       Tekken Tag, had it’s soundtrack given over to remixers as part of a competition being run by Juno. Some pretty great producers stepped up to the plate, to inspire others to do the same.

Friday, September 7, 2012

I am Gangnam Style!!

All the cool kids know Gungnam Style. First released on July 15, 2012 it entered the Gaon Chart singles chart at number one upon release, and within 5 days had 2 million hits on Youtube. So whether you are a fan of KPop or it really isn't your style,(like me) this song cannot be ignored. Bright colors, pretty women, addictive party beat; Psy has become a phenom. But the thing is, unless you have a knowledge in the Korean language you won't know what is being said in the song, right?

So I did you guys a favor and found the Gangnam Style music video....with translated subtitles. What's that? Thank you Crayola? Aw you're welcome.

Here is a video of the song being performed live. Here in the states we only know a trickle of what the true popularity of this song is. I mean just look at Korea get down!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feeling a little nostalgic?

So lately I've been riding around at night and feeling a bit nostalgic. My good friend showed me a great noise punk band to listen to called "whirr" (formerly known as "Whirl"), since then I have been avidly listening to them on my rides. The music matches up perfectly at times and makes me remember easier times when there were no responsibilities besides what to eat and who you were gonna hang out with that night. So here is one of the tracks that I have grown accustomed to.
 -Honest Abe

Artist: Whirr
Album: Pipe Dreams
Track: Flashback

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Episode 4. Let's go really fucking fast!!!

       This week Honest Abe is at the handle, giving us a taste of a day in Abe's San Franciscan fixed
gear life style. I truly believe that there is a song for every moment. I think Abe has really done a good job of conveying the feeling of the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you mash through the streets; weaving in and out of traffic.
A red light. Brake. Breathe the fire out of your lungs. Awareness at a high; the beat fits matches your heart's.
       Green. Kick, push, mash. The city, she welcomes you. Raise from your seat to climb her bosom. As you reach the peak, the expanse of the horizon opens before you. Front wheel drops, speed increases. The day is young and you have not yet begun.

                                                         -Crayola Johnson

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 3. A dope trailer is no place for a kitty!

After a week of...ahem, busy researching; We are back with Episode 3 of Auditory Reality: A dope trailer is no place for a kitty! This episode is very much for those individuals may enjoy life with a slight augmented perception. This episode was a heavy teamwork collaboration between, I Crayola Johnson, Honest Abe. We are psyched that within a week so many people have taken interest in what we have bee doing; I personally just want to say thank you for listening. -Crayola Johnson

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crystal Castles-Plague

I have a deep fondness for electronica, and one of the groups that do it best is Crystal Castles. After two amazing albums electronica fans such as myself were left to ourselves to sate our addictions. Well the group has released a new single titled plague off of their upcoming album.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where there was one, now there are two; Introducing my Co-host Honest Abe. I personally am looking forward to future musicasts from Abe. I know the two of us are busy working on Episode 3. Until then just stay sexy. -Crayola

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Episode 2. Let's go Surfing

It's hot this summer, so stay cool with this episode of Audtory Reality. This week we tackle Surf Rock from the past and the present. Since most of us don't live 10 minutes away from a beach, we then bring the beach to you!So chill your favorite mug, grab your favorite girl, and lets enjoy summer for a change! -Crayola Johnson

Monday, July 16, 2012

Auditory Reality: Episode 1. A beginning

Auditory Reality is a podcast dedicated to music that matter's to unique individuals that cannot be sated by what is being played on corporate sponsored radio. So lets have some fun listen to music and enjoy life. -Crayola P.S. I fixed the sound issues from a previous version of this