Tuesday, April 1, 2014

finding oneself can be difficult...

HEY ITS HONEST ABE!! Back from a very long hiatus.
Its been a weird and exhausting year for myself. I just celebrated my 25th year of being alive on this beautiful planet we call home. I found myself going back in time just recently. I ended up going back to the 2013 TREASURE ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL. I was working there with my roommate Emma. We would work for a bit, we would then wander around half drunk and dance periodically. By far one of my favorite memories. So on the first day we saw disclosure (Emma's favorite) we ended up sneaking backstage and drinking all the free Booze we could ingest and then raged on the stage next to his booth it was rad. So I'm gonna share one of the songs we went ape shit to. 
I'll also dedicate this to the girl that knows exactly how to make the whole function TURN UP... this one's for you Emma.

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