Saturday, February 15, 2014

Episode 8: Lost in an Sea of Love

We are back ladies and gentlemen! After a near year absence we are back with a new episode! (I didn't want to show up empty handed it is Valentines day after all) This particular episode was supposed to be done last year, but the original draft was quite depressing and and put it together with a bad state of mind. But all is good and have completely revamped the episode from the ground up, I really think only maybe 2 songs from the original stayed for this....redux. 
So important was the revitalization for me that I wanted all of to be on it; Honest Abe, Crayola Johnson and Mr. Vanscetti, and was dead set on a all star episode that this episode was pushed back from January 1st to february 14th. 
But enough from me, let's have a good time and get this episode rolling!
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